NIOS D.El.Ed Course 1st Semester Assignment Question with Answer

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NIOS D.El.Ed Course 1st Semester Assignment Question with Answer in Hindi & English

What type of changes you want in yourself as a teacher to cater the need of the
changing society and learner? Explain with at least two examples. (5)
की जरूरत को पूरा करने के लिए एक शिक्षक के रूप में आप किस प्रकार के परिवर्तन चाहते हैं? समाज और शिक्षार्थी बदल रहा है? कम से कम दो उदाहरणों के साथ समझाओ (5)

As a teacher I would like to effect the following changes in me:

1.       Firstly, I would like to develop in me the unique ability of reading my students’ mind so that I can preempt something untoward; and provide them learning environment, absorbing activities, and counsel them not only to overcome their academic challenges, but also the general challenges of life.

2.       I would like to upgrade my subject knowledge regularly and blend that knowledge with technology to make it learning effective, interesting, and result-oriented.

3. I would like to set myself as a perfect epitome of conduct, etiquette, morality, hard-work, perseverance in front of my students. For example, if I intend to teach my students value of punctuality, I will have to be a perfect example of punctuality my-self; similarly, if I want them to be focused, I will have to demonstrate them the art of mastering focus. Children learn more indirectly than from mere lecturing. So I will try to learn all those life-transforming skills and practice them to inspire my students and other people in the society.

4. I would arrange creativity-enhancing activities for my students such as class-seminars, discussions, quizzes, speeches, presentations; I would lay more stress on learning by doing than mere book-learning. I would involve them in intriguing projects related to my subject to develop their interest and curiosity in the subject.

5. I would instill in them the value of self-studies. I would make a students’ help website to help them outside the class. I would also rope in other like-minded dedicated teachers to provide enough study and extra material for studies and subject enrichment.

6. I would also start a students’ club where students and teachers would meet weekly or fortnightly to exchange their views and latest development. I would try to create a very creative and progressive learning environment for my students. I would always be on the lookout to adopt and adapt the newest and latest methodologies and strategies to give my students the best of learning.

7. I would never stop learning myself. So I would set very high standards in front of my students to emulate one another. This would create a wonderful ripple effect. And all my students would blossom into the best of scientists, thinkers, writers, philosophers, and wonderful human beings.

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