What is NIOS D.El.Ed Study Centre Personal Contract Programme (PCP)

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What is NIOS D.El.Ed Study Centre Personal Contract Programme (PCP)

Personal Contract Programme (PCP)
Summary Guidelines
Role of Regional Centers and AIs for conduct of PCP:
A. Role of Regional Center (RC) of NIOS for Release of PCP Grant:

 PCP grant in two installments on Pro-rata basis of Rs.500/- per learner depending on the
numbers of learners registered in the study center shall be released by the RC to the Study
centers (AIs) after receipt of the same from NIOS HQ.
 The 1st installment of grant will be 50% of the total grant due to a Study Center (AI).
Before releasing the 1st installment, RC will ensure that the study center (AI) has
uploaded the PCP schedule and have also submitted the Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) and Coordinator Performa.
 The RC will further ensure that AIs which have completed 5 years have deposited the
Accreditation Extension/ Renewal fee.
 The 2nd and final installment of PCP grant will be released by the Regional Centers only
after ensuring that all the activities of PCP & TMA are performed by the study center.
 The RC will ensure that Study Center have submitted utilization Certificate and
completed account in the prescribed format along with the requisite documents to RC.
 Regional Center will maintain separate accounts and files for each study center which
will be subject to checking by the SSS Department and by the Audit/Accounts Section of
 Regional Center will monitor the PCP classes through Academic Facilitators as well as
Through the Staff of RC and will prepare a consolidated report of conduct of PCP
 The Regional Center will verify/ certify the conduct of PCP by the concern AI and send
the details of PCP conducted by the AI in Performa –A with e clear recommendation
and satisfactory certificate for release of final PCP grant to the SSS Department.
Performa – A has already made available to all RCs.
B. Role of Study Centers (AIs) for conduct of PCP:
 Each study center has to conduct PCP classes in respect of learners registered at the
Study Center (AI). In the event of having lesser number of learners registered at a study
center it will be merged by the concerned RD to the nearest AI for the purpose of conduct
of PCP. The PCP grant will be regulated accordingly
 The PCP sessions including practical sessions will be conducted by each study center
within the time frame prescribed by the NIOS and as per time table prepared by each
Study Center which will be uploaded on NIOS website (Performa B & C is already
available on NIOS website for PCP Schedule, the AI will strictly follow the rules
mentioned in performae B & C also).
 It will be the responsibility of AI to inform all the learners about the schedule of PCP
programme and motivate them for attending PCP sessions.
 It will be the responsibility of AI to make sure that TMA are submitted by the all learners
to the AI as per schedule and checked by qualified Tutors and marks are entered through
online mode as per schedule.
 If any study center (AI) fails to submit the accounts or TMA award or has not conducted
the PCP sessions, all future grants will be stopped and action may be initiated for
disaccrediting of the concerned AI.
 In the event of any study center not able to spend or utilized the money of PCP grant
released to it, the balance will have to refund by the Study center to the concerned RC.
C. The norms of remuneration to the personal involved in organizing and conducting
Personal Contact Programme (PCP) is already available on website of NIOS.

Download Personal Contract Programme (PCP) Full Details Click here

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